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School Logo

Rosslyn Park

Primary & Nursery School

"Aspire to reach higher; be the best that you can be"

Who’s Who


Strategic Development Group

Mr Mason - Headteacher

Mr Barnham - Deputy Headteacher, Safeguarding Lead, Behaviour and Attendance

Mrs Thewlis - Head of Infant and Early Years, Teaching and Learning, Pupil Premium Lead

Mrs Oliver - Head of Junior Years, Teaching and Learning, Curriculum, SEND Advocate 


Senior Leadership Team                                                                          

Mrs Bell - Curriculum Lead

Mr Chillman - English Lead

Miss Gilpin - Mathematics Lead

Mr Mullahy - School Business Manager

Mrs Passmore - Key Stage 1 Phase Leader and ECT Partnership Lead

Mrs Scrivens - EYFS Phase Leader

Miss Ward - Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader

Miss Wilson - Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader


Safeguarding Team

Mr Barnham - Deputy Headteacher - Safeguarding Lead

Miss Davy-Hoffman - Safeguarding Support Officer

Miss Hill - Safeguarding Support Officer



Mr Mason - Headteacher

Mrs Thewlis - Head of Infant and Early Years

Mrs Oliver - Head of Junior Years

Mrs Macedo - SENDCo

Mrs Passmore - Key Stage 1 Phase Leader


Inclusion Team

Mrs Macedo - EYFS and KS1 SENDCo

Mr Hickson - KS2 SENDCo


Pastoral Team

Mrs Hawkins - Behaviour Lead

Miss Clifford - Behaviour Mentor

Mrs Stark - Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

Miss Williams - Place2Be School Project Manager 


Digital Lead

Mrs Bailey 


Subject Leads

Art - Mrs Bell, Mrs Gilmore

Computing - Mr Armstrong

Design and Technology - Mrs Gooch

Geography - Mrs Romano

History - Miss Porter, Miss Potts-Perkins

Music - Miss Flinton 

Physical Education - Miss Needham 

PSHE - Miss Rosindell 

Religious Education - Miss Ward

Science - Mrs Yeadon

Spanish - Mrs Simpson

Wellbeing - Mrs Wilkes 


Phonics (RWI) - Mrs Ford; Mrs Scrivens

Reading Recovery - Ms Hollick 

Oracy - Mrs Urquhart

School council and Children's parliament - Miss Mehmet

Royal Shakespeare Company Associate Lead - Mrs Bell


Year Groups


EYFS Teachers

Mrs Nicholls - F1NS

Mrs Scrivens - F1NS

Miss Rosindell - F1PR


Miss Matchett - F2EM

Miss Mehmet - F2SM

Mrs Urquhart - F2ZU


EYFS Teaching Assistants

Miss Johnson

Miss Lowe

Mrs Richardson

Mrs Sansom

Mrs Williams


Year 1 Teachers

Miss Needham - 1DN

Mrs Ford - 1EF

Mrs Wilkes - 1SW


Year 1 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Guyler

Miss Humphrey

Miss Jackson

Mrs Todd


Year 2 Teachers

Mrs Bailey - 2SB

Mrs Czabaniuk - 2RC

Mrs Passmore - 2KP


Year 2 Teaching Assistants 

Miss Burrows

Mrs Hastings

Miss Wardle

Miss Williams


Enhanced Provision Room Teachers

Mrs Macedo

Mrs Warren


Enhanced Provision Room Teaching Assistants

Miss Earle

Mrs Garner

Miss Needham


Year 3 Teachers

Mrs Simpson - 3JS

Miss Potts-Perkins - 3LP

Mrs Romano - 3LR


Year 4 Teachers

Mrs Gooch - 4GS

Mrs Sandhu - 4GS

Miss Porter - 4EP

Miss Ward - 4KW


Year 3 and 4 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Hardy

Mrs Harnett

Miss Hodges

Miss Johnson

Miss Middleton

Mrs Swanwick

Miss Whitworth


Year 5 Teachers

Mrs Bell - 5LB

Miss Flinton - 5BF

Miss Wilson - 5MW


Year 6 Teachers

Mr Chillman - 6AC

Miss Gilpin - 6VG

Miss Sophina - 6AS


Year 5 and Year 6 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Fazal

Miss Hopkins

Miss Hughes

Mrs Page

Mrs Watson


Non Class Based Teachers

Mr Armstrong - EYFS, KS1 & KS2

Mrs Bridges - KS1

Miss Eames - KS1

Mrs Gilmore - EYFS

Mr Hickson - KS2

Mrs Nicholls - EYFS

Miss Birks - KS2


Office Administrators

Mrs Bullivant

Miss Fewkes-Tuohy

Mrs Riley

Mrs Rose


Site Team

Mr Soar – Site Manager

Mr Smallwood – Assistant Site Manager

Mrs Nash – Cleaner in Charge / Midday Cleaner

Mr Smith – Cleaner with Keyholding Responsibilities



Mrs Johnson 

Miss Koslicki

Mrs Loscalzo

Miss Loscalzo

Miss Messam

Miss Morris

Miss Smith

Mrs Watson 

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Stoneman – Senior Midday Supervisor

Miss Abthorpe

Mrs Butler

Mrs Cooper

Miss Cruz

Miss Harrison

Miss C Holmes

Miss J Holmes

Miss Hunt

Mrs Johnson

Miss Koslicki

Miss Loscalzo

Mrs Mansoor

Miss O’Malley

Miss Shaw

Miss Smith

Mrs Spurr

Miss Williamson

Breakfast Club Assistants

Miss Holmes

Miss Hunt

Miss O’Malley