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School Logo

Rosslyn Park

Primary & Nursery School

"Aspire to reach higher; be the best that you can be"

Who’s Who


Strategic Development Group

Mr Mason - Headteacher

Mr Barnham - Deputy Headteacher, Safeguarding Lead, Behaviour and Attendance

Mrs Thewlis - Head of Early Years and Key Stage 1, Teaching and Learning, Pupil Premium Lead

Mrs Oliver - Head of Junior Years, Teaching and Learning, Curriculum, SEND Advocate 


Senior Leadership Team                                                                          

Mrs Bell - Curriculum Lead

Mr Chillman - English Lead

Miss Gilpin - Mathematics Lead

Mr Mullahy - School Business Manager

Mrs Passmore - Key Stage 1 Phase Leader and ECT Partnership Lead

Mrs Scrivens - EYFS Phase Leader

Miss Thurman - Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader

Miss Ward - Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader


Safeguarding Team

Mr Barnham - Deputy Headteacher - Safeguarding Lead

Miss Davy-Hoffman - Safeguarding Support Officer

Mrs Holmes - Safeguarding Support Officer



Mr Mason - Headteacher

Mrs Thewlis - Head of Early Years and KS1

Mrs Oliver - Head of Junior Years

Mrs Macedo - SENDCo

Mrs Passmore - Key Stage 1 Phase Leader


Inclusion Team

Mrs Macedo - EYFS and KS1 SENDCo

Mr Hickson - KS2 SENDCo


Pastoral Team

Miss Lee - Attendance Officer

Mrs Molloy - Behaviour Lead

Miss Brooks - Behaviour Mentor

Mrs Bascombe - Emotional Literacy Support Assistant 

Mrs Stark - Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

Mrs Batchelor - Needham - Place2Be School Project Manager 


Digital Lead

Miss Bingham


Subject Leads

Art - Mrs Bell, Mrs Gilmore, Mrs Oliver

Computing - Mrs Bridges

Design and Technology - Mrs Gooch, Miss Sawford

Geography - Mr Armstrong, Miss Runniff

History - Mrs Oliver, Miss Porter

Music - Miss Thurman

Physical Education - Miss Wilson

PSHE - Mrs Clifton

Religious Education - Mrs Bell

Science - Mrs Yeadon

Spanish - Mrs Simpson

Wellbeing - Miss Kirkbright


Year Groups


EYFS Teachers

Miss Halliday - F1KH 

Miss Kirkpatrick - F2AK

Miss Matchett - F1EM

Miss Mehmet - F2SM

Mrs Scrivens - F2SW

Miss Wilkinson - F2SW


EYFS Teaching Assistants

Mrs Hastings

Miss Humphrey

Miss Lightfoot

Miss Lowe

Mrs Richardson

Mrs Sansom

Miss Wardle

Mrs Williams


Year 1 Teachers

Mrs Bridges - 1RB

Mrs Clifton - 1PC

Mrs Ford - 1EF

Mrs Wilkes - 1EF  


Year 1 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Brady

Mrs Edgar

Mrs Guyler

Miss Jackson

Mrs Todd


Year 2 Teachers

Mrs Czabaniuk - 2RC

Mrs Passmore - 2KP

Miss Sawford - 2SS


Year 2 Teaching Assistants 

Miss Burrows

Miss Johnson

Mrs Hastings


Enhanced Provision Room Teachers

Mrs Macedo

Mrs Warren


Enhanced Provision Room Teaching Assistants

Miss Earle


Year 3 Teachers

Mrs Gooch - 3SG

Miss Kirkbright - 3EK

Miss Runniff - 3LR

Mrs Simpson - 3SG


Year 4 Teachers

Mr Armstrong - 4JA

Miss Porter - 4EP

Miss Ward - 4KW


Year 3 and 4 Teaching Assistants

Miss Bell-Buchannan

Mrs Clay

Mrs Hardy

Mrs Harnett

Miss Lowe

Miss Middleton

Mrs Swanwick 


Year 5 Teachers

Mrs Bell - 5BY

Miss Wilson - 5MW

Mrs Yeadon - 5BY


Year 6 Teachers

Mr Chillman - 6AC

Miss Gilpin - 6VG

Miss Thurman


Year 5 and Year 6 Teaching Assistants

Miss Bell

Mrs Fazal

Miss Hodges

Mrs Hopkins

Mrs Page

Miss Palmer

Mrs Watson


Non Class Based Teachers

Mrs Nicholls - F1

Mrs Gilmore - F2

Miss Bingham - KS1

Mr Hickson - KS2

Mrs Sandhu - KS2

Miss Hollick - Reading Recovery 


Office Administrators

Mrs Bullivant

Miss Fewkes-Tuohy

Mrs Rose

Mrs Shepherd


Site Team

Mr Soar – Site Manager

Mr Smallwood – Assistant Site Manager

Mrs Nash – Cleaner in Charge / Midday Cleaner

Mr Smith – Cleaner with Keyholding Responsibilities



Miss Abthrope

Mrs Boulton

Miss Gonzalez

Mrs Johnson 

Mrs Loscalzo

Miss Loscalzo

Miss Messam

Miss Smith

Mrs Watson 

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Stoneman – Senior Midday Supervisor

Miss Abthorpe

Mrs Butler

Miss Clifford

Mrs Cooper

Miss Cruz

Miss Dallison

Miss Gonzalez

Miss Harrison

Miss Holmes

Miss Hunt

Mrs Johnson

Miss O’Malley

Miss Shaw

Miss Smith

Mrs Spurr

Miss Wheat

Breakfast Club Assistants

Miss Gonzalez

Miss Holmes

Miss Hunt

Miss O’Malley