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Rosslyn Park

Primary & Nursery School

"Aspire to reach higher; be the best that you can be"


At Rosslyn Park, children harbour a love of science and we nurture a genuine curiosity and sense of wonder about the world around us. We teach children the skills to lead their own learning by asking questions, making enquiries and giving them opportunities for self-reflection. Our Science curriculum promotes children’s physical and mental wellbeing by teaching them about keeping their bodies healthy and connecting with the natural world. It also promotes good working relationships between peers through group led investigations. Children are provided opportunities to be innovate scientists by planning their own experiments and using a range of engaging, stimulating resources.

At Rosslyn, all children relate to science and are empowered by other people’s experience. We study a diverse range of scientists from different genders, cultures, religions and backgrounds, as well as having different scientists visit our school. We show our pupils how inspirational science is, how important it is in our community and wider world now and in the future, and give them the skills and knowledge needed to be confident, knowledgeable and successful scientists.