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This link takes you to a brilliant video which clearly explains the programme and you will understand how we will teach your child to read and write and Rosslyn Park Primary.


More information can be found here…


Your children will learn to read words by being taught the ‘pure’ sound for each letter (letter names will come later). Here is a ‘pure’ sounds – video link


When we say ‘pure’ it just means that we do not add an ‘uh’ sound on the end of letters – we say ‘m’ not’ muh’, ’s’ not ‘suh’, etc, so that your child will be able to blend the sounds into words more easily.


At school we use a puppet called Fred who is an expert on sounding out words! we call it, ‘Fred Talk’. E.g. m-o-p, c-a-t, m-a-n, sh-o-p, b-l-a-ck.


Children will be taught to read ‘red’ and ‘green words.

Red words are words that are not easily decodable and challenge words to extend children’s vocabulary. 

Green words are linked to the sounds they have been learning and are easily decodable.

Dots and dashes represent the sound each letter makes.


During the RWI session children will read the book three times and at each new reading they will have plenty of opportunities to practise using their developing comprehension skills. You may have heard your child talking about ‘hold, edit or build a sentence’.


Hold a sentence is an activity that encourages children to remember a whole sentence while focusing on spelling and punctuation.


Build a sentence is to give children the opportunity to create their own sentence to that shows the meaning of a word and edit a sentence allows the children to critique a sentence using their knowledge of spelling punctuation and grammar. Children complete a longer piece of independent writing, which gives them the opportunity to show off their creativity and to practice their spelling, grammar and punctuation.


The children will learn the sounds in three sets (as shown below).

Set 1 individual sounds are taught with a handwriting phrase to help children to form the letter correctly and to help them recognise the sound ready for blending.

Here are the handwriting phrases to support your child at home.



Set 1 special friends (2 letters or more that make 1 sound) also have a phrase, these are…


Set 2 and 3 sounds – Sound pictures are used to help your son/daughter learn these sounds quickly. Each sound is also accompanied by a rhyme to help them remember the sound and remind them of the correct spelling.


Children will learn to read books based on the sounds they have been taught. They will never be asked to read a book containing spellings of the sounds that they do not know. 


After they learn to blend sounds – they will be able to read the ‘ditties – short texts.


When they know these sounds, they can read these books…


When they know these sounds, they can read these books…

When they know more of the alternative spellings, they can read these books…