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"Aspire to reach higher; be the best that you can be"


At Rosslyn, we follow a well-structured and experiential music curriculum.  Our music curriculum is implemented using four “big ideas” which are used to drive the implementation throughout the school:  

To perform 

To compose 

To transcribe 

To describe music 

These concepts underpin the learning in each key stage making connections between new learning and prior learning.  These ideas can be understood both by children from EYFS to Year 6, and are continually re-understood through the exploration of music. 

At Rosslyn, we use music to build a sense of community using external visits to perform for the Lord Mayor, Elderly Care Homes and the Transform community.   Children Through whole school music sessions, extra-curricular activities and singing assembly, children develop a love for music.  This provides them with a platform not only to excel within a non-core subject, but also gives them an outlet to express emotions which has a huge positive impact on their wellbeing.  

Where possible, the curriculum is planned to develop the children’s schema through purposeful links with the wider curriculum.  E.g. the children study music of black origin as part of the Black, British and Belonging topic in Year 6 and the Caribbean topic in Year 4. This develops an understanding of the power of music around the globe from a historical and modern point of view.  

The children are encouraged to learn new musical skills year on year.  They meet and watch professional musicians perform both in and out of school.  This empowers children to aspire to continue with their musical journey far beyond their time at Rosslyn.  

Within the curriculum, the children explore a range of music genres from rap to opera.  This allows children to connect with their own diverse community and those from those globally.   

The “composition” strand of our curriculum encourages children to be innovative and explore their own compositions across every year group.  They learn to be brave and experimental whilst using their “artistic license” to ensure their own compositions are personal to them.