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Rosslyn Park

Primary & Nursery School

"Aspire to reach higher; be the best that you can be"

Physical Education

At Rosslyn, we promote children’s physical and mental wellbeing, ensuring they know how to keep themselves fit and healthy through a range of physical activities. We teach children to feel physically powerful and empowered to be at their best, whilst promoting a love for sport and physical activity. They will make connections between their physical health and their learning. We provide children with the opportunities to develop their confidence to take risks and overcome challenges in order to build their resilience.   

Children are provided with the opportunities to connect with other schools within the community to develop a broad range of skills within a collaborative environment. We provide children with a sense of belonging, promoting positive relationships within all activities to ensure they feel they are a valued member of Rosslyn and the wider community. Children are encouraged to use sport and physical activity as a lens to the world around them, providing them with the motivation to achieve their goals.