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Physical Education

At Rosslyn, we promote children’s physical and mental wellbeing, ensuring they know how to keep themselves fit and healthy through a range of physical activities. We teach children to feel physically powerful and empowered to be at their best, whilst promoting a love for sport and physical activity. They will make connections between their physical health and their learning. We provide children with the opportunities to develop their confidence to take risks and overcome challenges in order to build their resilience.   

Children are provided with the opportunities to connect with other schools within the community to develop a broad range of skills within a collaborative environment. We provide children with a sense of belonging, promoting positive relationships within all activities to ensure they feel they are a valued member of Rosslyn and the wider community. Children are encouraged to use sport and physical activity as a lens to the world around them, providing them with the motivation to achieve their goals.  

We improve and enhance the PE and sport offer to all pupils from Years 1-6 through focussing on the 5 key indicators outlined by the DfE:

  • Improving the engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity
  • Raising the profile of PE and sport across the school as a tool for whole-school improvement
  • Increasing confidence, knowledge, and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport
  • Provide a broader experience of a range of sports and physical activities offered to all pupils
  • Increasing participation in competitive sport



Three coaches attend school for a half day. One coach for each class and are supported by the class teacher. This has been targeted at this age group as EYFS have previously received less focus that other age groups.


Three coaches to come into school from 11am for a half day. One coach for each class, to be supported by class teacher. This has been targeted at this age group as KS2 already have specialist teachers for the delivery of PE.


Year 3 and Year 4 – Swimming - 45 minutes session a week, termly; PE session weekly

Year 5 and Year 6 – PE session weekly

Lunch Clubs

Lunch clubs now take place twice per week for KS1 from 12pm – 12:45pm and for KS2 from 12:45pm – 1:30pm. Two coaches deliver a range of activities outside.

After School Clubs

After school clubs are run from 3:15pm – 4:15pm on a Thursday. Three coaches to deliver these sessions, with one coach per phase. Each club has space for 20 children. This has begun initially with Year 2 pupils and focussed on gymnastics and has now been developed into Key Stage Two with basketball on a Monday.

Targeted intervention

Identified Pupils in Year 5 and 6 receive PE intervention once per week from qualified sports coaching.

Increase in participation in competitive sport

  • Under 11 City B Central Venue Football League throughout Autumn and Spring
  • Ellis Guilford School Sports Festival
  • Under 11 National League Trust Cup, organised by Notts County Foundation
  • Ellis Guilford Go for Gold Fun Run
  • Year 4 Handball Festival
  • KS2 Kurling Festival
  • Year 3 This Girl Can Festival
  • Year 4 This Girl Can Festival
  • Girs Football Tournament
  • Transform trust North Partnership football tournament
  • Kurling Festival
  • Harvey Haddon Fun Run

Our Physical Education provision has been chosen with careful consideration of the following:

  • developed by specialists with strong subject knowledge
  • progression and consistency across all phases
  • delivered by sports coaches and swimming instructors 
  • encourage health and wellness as well as educating children about healthy food choices
  • improve self-confidence, leadership and decision-making skills
  • inclusive - a variety of traditional and upcoming sports such as Ultimate Frisbee, Kickball Rounders, Capture the Flag, and classroom based lessons - Healthy eating, Mindfulness