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Rosslyn Park

Primary & Nursery School

"Aspire to reach higher; be the best that you can be"

Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum is planned to provide continuity and progression. It enables pupils to make connections and transfer skills, and to think creatively and solve problems. It is also planned to develop pupils’ capacity to work both independently and collaboratively.

We plan learning to be an engaging, purposeful and rewarding experience, which equips our children to be successful, and make informed choices about their future lives. We encourage pupils to develop a ‘growth mind-set,’ giving them the opportunity to learn and develop in a supportive and creative environment, where mistakes and misconceptions are valued as an important learning tool.

We intent our students’ learning journey to result in having powerful knowledge. This will be underpinned by the school values of being motivated, inclusive & always proud, and thorough and focused teaching of our key competencies: communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.

Central to this learning journey are aspirations, community and wellbeing. We’d like to open the world of knowledge to our children and raise their aspirations so they want more and better for themselves and their community. We believe in collaborative work between children, their parents and the wider local community, aiming to widen our children’s horizons and willingness to develop themselves and then bring their achievements and values back to the community. We aim to raise healthy children who are confident, resilient, physically and mentally healthy and happy.

Subjects in the curriculum are linked by a central text, which will be the focal point of learning across all subjects. Children are then able to develop factual knowledge, on which further concepts and links can be built. Topic vocabulary is present in all subjects, and we offer our children a rich and varied range of words. Using this approach, we’d like to show children that learning never stops and we should be aspirational to aim higher, to learn more and to desire better.

In order to implement our curriculum intent, we have identified the leading threads of the Rosslyn curriculum that weave through all the subject. This has been a collaborative work involving staff, pupils, parents and wider community.

Subjects in the curriculum are linked by a central text, which will be the focal point of learning across the curriculum. Topic vocabulary is revisited in most subjects, and we offer our children a rich and varied range of words, which we build on each year. However, some curriculum areas are taught as discrete subjects, including P.E, R.E. and music which is taught by music specialists.

We seek to provide a wealth of first hand, meaningful experiences to enhance our children’s learning, both in and out of school, and we regularly visit local venues in order to achieve this.

We value links with our local and wider community, and we enrich our children’s learning through the partnerships that we have forged. For example, we have links with Nottingham University, Nottingham Contemporary, St Peter's Church, local artists, and we also work in partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company.




Rosslyn Park Safeguarding Across the Curriculum