EYFS Curriculum

The Foundation Stage Curriculum has seven areas of learning:

There are three prime areas of learning:
• Personal, social and emotional
• Communication and language
• Physical development

There are four specific areas of learning:
• Literacy
• Numeracy
• Understanding the world
• Expressive art and design

Rosslyn ParkRosslyn Park

We strongly believe that children should learn through play, and engaging hand on activities, where they need to explore investigate and find out for themselves why things happen and why things work.

We provide many opportunities for the children to talk about what they are doing and to use their imagination.

Rosslyn ParkRosslyn Park

We provided lively, stimulating and well organised learning environments. We believe that children learn best through topics which are meaningful to them and motivate them to become fully involved.

The children experience direct teaching activities where they may work independently with a partner, in a group or as part of the whole class.

They also have time to use their own initiative and develop their independence, by planning their own activities both indoors and outdoors.

Rosslyn ParkRosslyn Park

We have produced a Transition document for F2 that you can download below.

You can download our end of year expectations as printable documents below.