F2NS (Penguins)Natalie Scrivens

Welcome to the Penguins ClassPenguin


Our teacher is Mrs Scrivens (left), and our teaching assistant is Miss Lowe (right).

Mrs Shortland works with us in a morning, and Miss Earle works with us in an afternoon.

Mrs Astill works with us throughout the week, and is our teacher when Mrs Scrivens is not in class.



Our classroom

Here are some pictures of our classroom. We area very lucky that during free- ow we are able to choose in our classroom, the Dolphins, Turtles, Shared Area and Outdoors. WOW! What a lot of choice! We are always very busy, and are always practising our sharing skills.



Super Writers

In the Penguins Class, we put any writing we are very proud of in our Super Writer box, then each evening a Super Writer is chosen. We get to take a sticker and a prize home, but more excitingly we get to have the Super Writer cape and backpack for the day!! Each week a Super Writer for the week is chosen and receives a certi cate and prize in our celebration assembly.


Super Readers

We love reading at Rosslyn Park!! We have all brought two books home in our book bag. Our grown ups can change our books throughout the week, from the book boxes on the windowsill. As a school, we expect children to read at home four times a week.

Please help yourself to books and change them as regularly as you wish.