After School

External Schools Coordinator overview 2016/17

Last year there was a small number of after school clubs running. There was no central place to collate the information but there were approximately 5 after school clubs running. I have now put a folder in the office so the after school club information is accessible to the office staff when parents are calling in to query dates and times of clubs, and this means we can now see where a club is being held so we know where the children are on the school premises.

This also helps with the monitoring of the number of clubs that are running and how many children can access them. External providers’ risk assessments are also kept in the folder.

I put together a guide for all staff that was sent out at the beginning of the year regarding taking registers and templates for letters to parents regarding the clubs.

At the beginning of the year I put a sign-up sheet in the staff room and spoke to each teacher about if they could offer a club and which term they would prefer to try and raise the number of clubs running this year.

While this proved successful for signing up, a number of teachers did not then run the clubs. A small number of teachers also said that as after school clubs were not a required element of their performance management that they would not be running a club.

Going forward next year, I would like to suggest that as a required element of a curriculum area role, that an after school club relating to the subject could be run for a period of at least 6 weeks. This would not have to be done as a whole half term block, eg. 3 weeks either side of a half-term holiday so that the planning and delivery aspect could be split if desired.

This would ensure a good level of cross-curricular activities for the children and hopefully would mean a wider range of availability for all years to access something that interests them. This would also enable teachers with a curriculum lead to gain good evidence in supporting their success in leading their area.

Film night was very popular with the children, this was initially planned as a half-termly event but due to low numbers of PTA members available and teachers who are available to support, the PTA have now said they would like to run this as a termly night and it will help raise funds for them through the sale of popcorn and drinks.

External providers of clubs do not have a large take up due to the charge for the sessions. We had no take up for the external vocal coach partially funded by the PTA to gain Vocal Grade 1 and the Tag tots Rugby was eventually offered to 270 children to fill spaces for 20. Both were £3 a session.